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Broken Glass In the sun :: Available Now

Detroit Michigan February 2014; breath can barely escape your mouth unfrozen, bent though as it is on a steady and desperate rush to disintegrate into the dirty plastic haze. The city sky tonight is an oil slick.  Aloof and innocent, spectral flakes falling from the oblivion to litter the scene like a white cloth dropped out of respect for what has died here.  The sun and moon turn voyeurs; satellites rubber-necking the wide-eyed violence.  Bricks and stars; two orphaned brothers back to back pacing off to an honorable distance.  Both dreams born of fire and bound for dust.

But there is memory here, health and beauty here, promise and hope.  Some for sale, some for the taking, and some for fools.   

One year ago, in a basement in the redolent Mexican Town borough, Kill County made a record and called it Broken Glass In The Sun.  Engineered by Derek Stanton (Turn To Crime, Awesome Color) over the course of a relentlessly cold 6 days in his subterranean laboratory which is busily haunted by many of Detroit’s bravest such as Protomartyr and Tyvek. Pulling back the instrumentation and exposing that raw nerve where sound and story brood, to build a slow and low burning set of songs tilted towards an unpure, unquiet, and restless peace. 

Broken Glass in the Sun is currently available in digital format on BandcampiTunesSpotify, and Amazon, along with previous releases. The album is also available on vinyl, which comes with a digital download code. 

Please contact us at killcounty@gmail.com with any and all questions, requests, or comments. 

Hold Sway, Thank You,

The boys of Kill County